Man jailed for 'Flying Kangaroo' drug ring

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A remorseless drug peddler who ran a "Flying Kangaroo" branded MDMA ring on the dark web has been jailed.

Melbourne man Paul Rodgerson, 42, advertised MDMA capsules stamped with the Qantas "Flying Kangaroo" before being busted by federal agents in 2016.

"The time has come for Flying Kangaroo to resurface and bring back the quality and value that our previous buyers are used too (sic)," one post found by authorities on the dark web said.

"We apologise for laying low for so long but we are now back and ready to service your needs."

Rodgerson was jailed in Victoria's County Court on Thursday for six years and five months, with a three year, eight month non-parole period.

"You are a narcissistic and arrogant individual with a lack of insight," Judge Michael Tinney said.

"I have your obviously false and self serving statements downplaying your true role.

"It is as clear as day that you were the brains of the operation.

"You knew exactly what you were doing, and how seriously wrong and criminal it was."

While Rodgerson regretted his predicament, Judge Tinney said he could not find any evidence of genuine remorse for the crime.

Rodgerson was arrested in November 2016 and after lengthy court delays pleaded guilty to four charges, including conducting a business for the trafficking of a marketable quantity of drugs.

He also admitted to drug possession, possessing substances, equipment or instructions for the commercial manufacture of drugs and refusing to give police the password to his mobile following his arrest.

Estimates by US authorities looking into the network showed 330 tablets were sold through one dark web site.

Rodgerson has a narcissistic personality disorder and anxiety.

He has already serve 107 days of pre-sentence detention.