Man infuriated after discovering coworker’s ‘unfortunate’ behavior: ‘He had no reason to do that’

Emerald Pellot
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A man is confused by the behavior of his two coworkers who keep throwing him under the bus.

He explained what went down at work on Reddit’s “Am I the A******” forum. He works as a security supervisor at a hotel and discovered that two fellow employees, Josh and Alice, were a couple. He didn’t think about it either way until he discovered the couple was telling everyone he was hitting on Alice.

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“When one of my guards left, I had a person in mind for the position who also worked in the hotel, Alice, so I offered her an interview,” the Reddit poster said. “One day I was smoking and another employee Josh walked up. We chatted and he mentioned he and Alice were dating. I said, ‘Oh okay, are you keeping that quiet?’ I said this because people gossip at work and I figured they might not want everyone knowing. But then he got serious and said, ‘No, everyone knows. Why, should I not have told you?’ And I replied, ‘No, it’s none of my business. She just never mentioned it.’ Then we changed the subject. Later, I went out to smoke and found Alice by herself, and she seemed off. I asked if she was okay and she went off at me, saying, ‘If I’m going to work for you, I won’t put up with you being weird.’ I was confused and she said Josh had told her that I had a crush on her.”

Things seemed to only escalate from there.

“I was floored and said that was a lie and that I never flirted,” he explained. “She apologized and I told her that the offer for her to join security was still on the table if she wanted. I ran into Josh later. He explained that Alice had several unwanted advances from other male employees in the hotel before and that HR hasn’t done a thing, so he told her to ‘tell me off’ about it to establish boundaries, just in case I was up to something. I got pretty annoyed and told him that he had no reason to do that. I pretty much avoided both of them after that for my last few weeks working there and there were no problems. [Ninety] days later, I am friends with one of the other employees [Ricky] who […] told me […] the day after I left the hotel, Josh started slandering me, saying I was a total creep and Alice joined him in doing so.”

Reddit users thought Josh and Alice were the ones stirring up trouble.

“Very unfortunate. Just avoid them,” one person wrote.

“Don’t associate with him, but do stick up for yourself,” another wrote.

“They have both treated you terribly,” a third user commented.

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