Man horrified after discovering landlord’s secret financial move: ‘This is actually illegal’

Emerald Pellot
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A man discovered his roommate was hoarding his rent payments instead of giving them to the building manager. 

He explained his situation on Reddit’s “Am I the A******” forum. He found a roommate with an apartment near his job. Every month he would pay her his share of the rent. But when he discovered an invoice from the building manager, he found out she hadn’t been paying the rent for months. 

“I thought I hit the jackpot: One roommate in a nice building only a mile from my job,” he explained. “$1460 is a normal rent in Los Angeles and the lady said that because I seemed like such a good match we could just make it $1,525 and that would include all utilities. A few days ago I check the mail and there’s an envelope with no stamp or address, it only says our apartment number. When I opened it, I realize it’s an invoice from the building manager. I learn two interesting things: First is that the rent for our unit is $2,490 which means she has 40 percent of the burden while I’m paying 60 percent. The second thing is that the last time she actually paid the rent was on Jan. 1. We are behind by $7,470.” 

So, the Reddit poster stopped paying the rent and started saving it for when the building manager came for it. 

“I feel like I’m on a sinking ship,” he wrote. “Instead of the $1,525 she’s expecting, I only sent her $65 for the utilities. I tell her I’m no longer comfortable giving her money knowing that it isn’t going towards the rent. I created a new account to keep what I owe separate from the money I spend so whenever she pays off the balance, I’ll already be prepared to write the building manager a check for my portion. It’s not that I’m refusing to pay, I just want to do it at the same time she does instead of letting her continue using me as UBI.”

Reddit users thought the poster was justified in keeping his money. 

“If you have been paying her rent money and she had not been putting it towards the rent, this is actually illegal,” someone wrote

“She’s ripping you off,” another said

“She’s shady, don’t put a dime in her hand,” another user commented.

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