Man horrified as dog gets taken by crocodile on Queensland beach

WARNING - DISTURBING CONTENT: A woman has shared a shocking video of the moment a dog was taken by a crocodile at a Far North Queensland beach.

In the clip, two dogs can be seen running after one another, frolicking along the shore at Cardwell Beach.

A man recording the scene can be heard saying, “Oh how close is this”, as a dark shadow in the water can be seen getting closer to the dogs.

The man says he tried to call out to the dogs but they wouldn’t listen to him, implying they don’t belong to him.

Seconds later, one of the canines is dragged underwater with a loud splash, apparently taken by the crocodile.

Two dogs can be seen frolicking along the shore of a Far North Queensland beach while a crocodile watches on the sand. Source: ‎Cindy-lou Togo Tuku-Tuku Kwarri/Facebook

“F*** me man,” the man said in the video.

Cindy-lou Togo Tuku-Tuku Kwarri shared the mobile phone clip on social media as a warning that crocodiles frequented the beach.

She wrote on Facebook that the attack happened at Cardwell on Friday morning.

Responding to someone who asked why the man didn’t try to intervene instead of recording the heart-breaking moment, Ms Togo said: “Don’t know whose dogs they are, and he did try to call the dogs but they didn’t come to him.”

One of the dogs disappeared into the water with a loud splash, apparently taken by a second crocodile. Source: ‎Cindy-lou Togo Tuku-Tuku Kwarri/Facebook

Ms Togo, who has reportedly lived in Cardwell for 26 years, told the Townsville Bulletin the beach was a “well known crocodile habitat”.

“You’ve just got to keep an eye on the water,” she said.

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