Man 'hit sleeping girlfriend in the face with cheeseburger'

A man has been arrested after he allegedly slapped his sleeping girlfriend in the face with a cheeseburger.

Kyle Jamison Jones, 30, is accused of repeatedly hitting his partner in the face with the fast-food staple before pulling her hair and kicking her down the stairs, Martin County Sheriffs’s Office, in Florida, said on Tuesday (local time).

When officers arrived at the address, they discovered Jones’s girlfriend covered in food particles.

Kyle Jamison Jones allegedly slapped his girlfriend with a cheeseburger several times. Source: Martin County Sheriff's Office (L)/Getty, file (R)

Martin County Sheriff’s Office said the alleged assault started when he did not get it “his way”.

Jones admitted the pair had become involved in a verbal dispute, yet declined to comment as to whether it turned physical.

It is unknown which store the burger was purchased from.

Jones has been charged with battery.

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