Man held after gun fired on German train

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A drunk man has fired a pistol on a regional train in central Germany, triggering a major police operation, German authorities say.

Members of the federal and state police were able to arrest the man on the train in the state of Hesse.

They found that the gun was filled with blanks but confiscated it as a precaution.

A spokesman said the 50-year-old man had taken a breathalyser test and had declined to comment on his motive.

During the operation, the train was halted at Niedernhausen station, which was in turn cleared for a period of three-and-a-half hours, the spokesman said.

During the arrest, the man was slightly injured by a police dog and was taken to hospital for treatment.

One passenger complained of earache after the gunshot and was also treated by a doctor.

Train traffic was interrupted for several hours because of the operation.

The man was released on Sunday morning but is now being investigated for coercion and for violating gun laws, the spokesman said, adding that he would also have to carry the costs of the operation.