Disturbing moment girl, 8, is harassed in her bedroom after security camera hacking

Chilling footage shows a hacker harassing an eight-year-old girl through a family security camera installed in the corner of her bedroom.

The girl, Alyssa, was shown walking into her empty bedroom on December 4 after hearing strange music playing, then a man’s voice begins encouraging her to curse and damage her belongings, The Washington Post reported.

When the confused girl asks who the man is, he responds saying “I’m your best friend” and at one point he even tells her he’s Santa.

The anonymous man hacked into the family’s Ring internal security camera, which they initially bought for their three daughters’ room inside their Mississippi home for “peace of mind”.

But the disturbing exchange left the parents even more distressed than they were to begin with, particularly given the nature of the man’s language.

Alyssa stood in her room confused as the man harassed her through the camera. Source: The Washington Post

For several minutes, he repeatedly directed racial slurs at Alyssa and continually tried to persuade her to misbehave.

Alyssa stood in her room confused, asking the man who he was and at one point yelling out for her “mummy”.

Alyssa’s mum Ashley LeMay was distraught thinking of her daughter in such a helpless situation.

“I can’t even put into words how badly I feel and how badly my children feel. I did the exact opposite of adding another security measure,” she told The Washington Post.

A Ring spokesperson told the publication the incident was “not a breach or compromise of Ring’s security”.

They said “bad actors” behind the attacks often used credentials stolen or leaked from another service.

Several other families have claimed they too had their Ring cameras hacked by anonymous criminals.

One family said their son was targeted with racist comments, while another woman says she was yelled at while she was in bed, and a couple said they were threatened.

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