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Man hands boy crystal meth pipe in court footage

Video footage of a man giving a crystal meth pipe to a child has been played in a NSW court after he vehemently denied ever giving the boy drugs.

The man, 50, and and his 49-year-old wife, who cannot be identified for legal reasons, have admitted to 65 child sexual abuse offences and face sentencing in Gosford District Court.

The charges included aggravated sexual intercourse, intentionally sexually touching a child, aggravated sexual assault of a cognitive-impaired victim, indecent assault and filming the boy for child abuse material.

The abuse occurred between May 2016 and February 2021, when the boy was aged 12 to 16.

On Thursday, crown prosecutor Adam O'Connor read to the court descriptions of video footage capturing the man sexually abusing the child.

The man denied touching the boy, except during one sex act when he was of consenting age, adding that his main role was to film his wife having sex with the child.

He also denied supplying crystal methamphetamine to the boy, claiming the child had his own ice pipe.

"Did you share your ice pipe with him?" Mr O'Connor asked.

The man replied: "No, he had his own. I never gave him drugs".

Mr O'Connor then showed the court CCTV footage which captured the man handing the child a pipe "full of ice" while lying in bed with his wife.

"Wouldn't you agree that handing a pipe is giving him drugs?" Mr O'Connor asked.

"Yes," the man said.

The prosecutor said the man felt no remorse for abusing the child as shown in a "self-serving" account given to a psychologist.

"He tries to distance himself. He says it was his wife's offending and appears to be blaming the victim," Mr O'Connor said.

"But there is an irresistible conclusion based on the evidence that the motive for his offending was for his own gratification."

Defence lawyers asked the judge not impose a crushing sentence on the couple, but Judge David Wilson said a short sentence would be "unlikely".

The sentence hearing will continue on March 14.