Man allegedly tortured by 16 on Gold Coast

Scott Bailey

A man has told police he was taken by 16 men, tied to a chair, had paint thinner poured on him and his groin cut in a harrowing torture ordeal on the Gold Coast.

The 26-year-old claims he was only able to escape by jumping through a window at the Southport mechanic's workshop where he was held hostage on Thursday.

Alexander Pasquill, 24, is the only person to have been charged over the alleged incident.

He was granted bail in Southport Magistrates Court on Friday when he appeared on charges of deprivation of liberty, torture, armed robbery and assault occasioning bodily harm.

It's alleged Pasquill was found at the workshop where the alleged torture took place on Thursday morning after the injured man contacted emergency services.

The alleged victim, from Loganholme, told police he was attacked after receiving a call from an unknown number and 16 people arrived at his house.

He claims he had firearms pointed at him, was blindfolded and driven to a McGregor address where he was assaulted.

He told officers he was then taken to the Southport workshop, where he was tied to the chair, had the thinner poured over him and received cuts to the inside of his groin through his pants.

It's alleged he was only able to identify Pasquill by his tattoos, and that after opening the workshop doors the accused had coached and encouraged the assault to take place.

The alleged victim claimed he was able to contact police after breaking free through a window and taking refuge at a neighbouring property.

But defence lawyer Rijald Hadzalic said Pasquill had only arrived at the workshop to open up and had committed no crime.

Police will allege Pasquill told officers the complainant had arrived at the premises affected by drugs and jumped out the window of his own accord.

Pasquill was granted bail on the condition he not contact the alleged victim.

He'll face court again on January 19.

Police investigations are continuing.