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Man found prices for prostitutes in Geylang ‘too high’, had sex with sleeping woman

General view of the State Courts in Singapore. (PHOTO: Reuters)
General view of the State Courts in Singapore. (PHOTO: Reuters)

SINGAPORE — A man was walking around Geylang along with a friend with the intention of engaging the services of a sex worker.

But Patian Sohag found the prices “too high”, the prosecution said, according to local media reports.

After his friend left, the 40-year-old Bangladeshi worker found a sex worker who was sleeping on a chair in Geylang in the wee hours of 1 March last year. He molested the unresponsive woman and carried her off to a secluded area and forcefully had sex with her.

Patian was initially charged with rape but his charge was later amended to abducting the woman for sex – no reasons were mentioned in court documents for the reduction. He admitted to the charge and a separate charge of molest, and was on Friday (16 September) sentenced to three and a half years’ jail with three strokes of the cane.

After Patian had sex with the woman and left a short while later, the woman moved back to the chair and continued sleeping.

When the woman woke up, she found a sticky substance, which she believed to be semen. She later filed a police report and also said that her phone was missing.

A report of the woman’s blood and urine samples found that there were high levels of a cough suppressant and sedative in her. A person who consumes the drugs at such levels may experience side effects such as hallucination, amnesia, and disorientation.

Yahoo Singapore Telegram
Yahoo Singapore Telegram

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