Man fined for feeding Fraser Island dingo

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A fisherman has been fined for illegally feeding a dingo on Fraser Island as Queensland authorities crackdown six weeks after a dingo attack on a boy.

The Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service says the man was fined $2135 after two rangers saw him throwing a fish to a young dingo at Orchid Beach township earlier this month.

QPWS has been trying to stop people feeding the mammals due to the risk of dingoes associating humans with food and become bolder around people.

Rangers are keen to prevent another attack after a nine-year-old boy was last month bitten on the leg on the island, also known as K'gari.

"Dingoes on K'gari are not starving and they have access to plenty of natural food," the QPWS said in a statement on Friday.

"Anyone who breaks the law by deliberately feeding or interacting with dingoes or who fails to secure their food and rubbish can expect a fine or to appear in court.

"People who feed and interact with dingoes put themselves and other people in danger, as it increases the risk of dingo habituation (dingoes tolerating humans at relatively close range)."

Tourism operators and members of the public have recently been sharing photos and videos of people feeding dingos with authorities, resulting in fines.

"QPWS rangers have zero tolerance for people who intentionally feed or interfere with dingoes and will hold offenders accountable," QPWS said.