Man finds black widow spider on broccoli

A man has been left shocked after a dangerous spider crawled out from the top of his broccoli while he was preparing a meal.

Jacob Vaughn, from the US state of Ohio, was washing his supermarket-bought broccoli in June when he saw a black widow on top of the vegetable.

Mr Vaughn told Storyful he decided to “put it all into two plastic bags and just left it alone” on the table.

The spider, now nicknamed “Broccoli”, has since been re-homed through Ohio-based Another Chance Sanctuary.

Jacob Vaughn was washing his broccoli in June when he saw a black widow spider on top of the vegetable. Source: Storyful

According to National Geographic, the black widow spider is considered the most venomous spider in North America, with venom reportedly 15 times stronger than that of a rattlesnake bite.

In April, a Brisbane man found a redback spider hiding in his broccoli and voiced his disapproval over the discovery on Coles’s Facebook page.

The supermarket said in a statement it took the matter seriously and had been in contact with the customer.

Another Queensland man’s run-in with creepy crawlies took a dangerous turn in March.

The man was badly injured after he exploded his kitchen trying to use insect spray as a flame-thrower to kill cockroaches.

He was taken to Mount Isa hospital with lacerations to his hands and head.