Man films rant: 'Foreigners don’t fit into Australian way of life’

Mylee Hogan

A 20-year-old man born and bred in Brisbane has hit back at a woman who told him to return to his own country.

Jerome Forbes was chatting to the woman while waiting for a bus when he was told Australia has been “overrun by foreigners”.

“I’ve got nothing against (foreigners) personally,” the woman can be heard saying. “But it’s just they don’t fit in to the Australian way of life.”

Jerome Forbes filmed his encounter. Source: 7News

Jerome filmed the conversation without identifying the woman. He then took the video home to his parents who decided to put the vision online.

“I thought I’d release it as an example of what my son had taught me and that is to respond you know, nobly,” Jerome’s father Jason said.

The video has been viewed almost one million times, with plenty of support coming for the 20-year-old’s behaviour.

Jerome with his parents. Source: 7News

“She thought I was a foreigner so I was just trying to be a friendly foreigner to her,” Jerome said.

Jerome, the son of a New Zealand Maori and a Queenslander, said the woman’s behaviour did make him upset “in a way” but laughed the incident off.

Jerome Forbes filmed his encounter. Source: 7News
The video has had almost one million views since it was posted online. Source: 7News

“Where did you say your father was born?” the woman can be heard asking. “New Zealand,” Jerome replies.

“Yes well, it probably would be advisable for him to pack up and go back to New Zealand,” the woman said.