Man exchanges boat for a six-pack of beer - but there's a catch

When a Perth dad spotted a 10.5m boat giveaway on Facebook this week, he didn’t think twice about getting in touch.

Matty Bertram is now the proud owner of the vessel – and it only cost him a six pack of beer.

Yet his new acquisition isn’t quite as it seemed on the surface – not that it is bothering Mr Bertram.

“One catch. No engine,” he revealed to Today Tonight.

“It’s pretty amazing. I’m still shocked about it.”

Matty Bertram managed to score a 10 metre boat for just a six pack of beers. Source: Today Tonight

Just minutes after the boat popped on a Facebook group, the Rockingham resident was in touch with the owner and signed over licensing papers the next day.

The panel beater is now planning to renovate the boat, looking to splash out $5000 on a new engine and restore the vessel to its full glory.

He said his family had been looking to buy a beach hut and after crunching the numbers, realised the boat would be a far cheaper option.

There’s one catch – there’s no engine. Source: Today Tonight

His cheap find, as well as a mooring he picked up at a discount price online, has allowed the father to come to the conclusion swapping items online or picking them up for free is the way forward.

“Definitely bartering is the way to go,” he said.

While the trading of alcohol for goods and services is prohibited in WA, Mr Bertram insists the beers were simply a thank you gift for the free boat.