Man eats slab of raw meat in protest at vegan festival

A man has eaten a slab of raw meat at a vegan food festival, in a bizarre protest against the meat-free lifestyle.

The pony-tailed man was filmed gnawing on a raw veal heart while sporting a tank top saying ‘GO VEGAN AND DIE’ on August 12.

He was accompanied by a group of anti-vegan supporters. At one point, a supporter is filmed proudly displaying a hunk of meat covered in swarming wasps.

Vegan diets have attracted media attention in Australia, following a pro-vegan protest at a Melbourne steakhouse in January and a Sydney couple accused of child neglect for putting their 20-month-old child on a strict vegan diet.

The pro-meat protester was filmed eating a hunk of raw meat at a vegan festival in Amsterdam, to wind up attendees. Source: Youtube/sv3rige

The vegan food festival in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, was a three-day gathering which showcased vegan food alongside entertainment. At the time of the protest, the festival was running a program for children.

The anti-vegan campaigner, known as ‘sv3rige’ on his YouTube page, posted footage of himself eating the bloody hunk of flesh. 

He is confronted by multiple festivalgoers who accuse him of taking over the gathering.

“It’s ruined our health, I was vegan, I almost died,” the protester said.

“Don’t be a vegan then,” said a festival attendee.

“You’re making everybody sick,” the man replied.

The protester gnawed on the raw meat at the vegan festival, and also had supporters, one of which proudly displayed a hunk of raw veal heart with wasps swarming on it (pictured inset). Source: Youtube/sv3rige

“You want to protect a diet that doesn’t have 50 nutrients.”

Protester involved in shoving match with vegan

At one point, the man gets into a violent shoving match with another festival attendee.

“It was a weird protest by the gentleman,” a festival spokesperson told The Independent. “This festival is about having fun and sharing new experiences.”

“While it is of course not forbidden to eat raw meat, it was of course a shocking sight because there was a puddle of blood and fat,”

“Besides, there were lots of elderly people and children. At that time a special children’s programme was going on.”

Police approached the protester, but were unable to charge the man as eating raw meat is not a crime. Eventually, he left the festival peacefully after disturbing attendees for about an hour.

Strange anti-vegan protests are not isolated. In 2017, a Melbourne university student claimed an “unstable” man climbed through her dorm window to throw raw meat at her and left a horse’s heart outside her door because she is a vegan.