Man drives 60 kms with 3000 bees loose in truck

A beekeeper has been labelled as “crazy” for driving more than 60km after his buzzing passengers got loose from a container and joined him up front for the drive home.

Wallace Leatherwood was transporting the bees to his home in North Carolina when they somehow got out of their container.

“I drove 40 plus miles (64km) with the bees loose in my truck,” Mr Leatherwood said.

He told local news station WLOS-13 the bees got out after he took a break for lunch. There were 3,000 of them loose in the cab.

North Carolina beekeeper Wallace Leatherwood’s bees somehow broke loose from their container and filled his truck cab for the drive home. Source: Storyful

Mr Leatherwood said he didn’t want to lose the bees as they are worth US$165.

North Carolina resident Brandon Singleton, who works with Mr Leatherwood’s son, told WLOS he thought the beekeeper was crazy when he saw him pull up with the cab full of bees.

“Man, there was just bees flying everywhere,” he said. 

Remarkably, the beekeeper drove without wearing a protective suit.

He also didn’t get stung but did receive a few stings trying to remove bees from the truck later on.

About 3,000 bees joined the beekeeper in the front of the truck. Source: Storyful