Young man's elaborate disguise to board flight at busy airport

A man has bizarrely been caught posing as a senior citizen in a wheelchair while trying to board a flight to the US.

The man was trying to board a flight to New York from New Delhi's Indira Gandhi International Airport on Sunday about 10.45pm local time, CNN reports.

Shrikant Kishore, a senior official with the Central Industrial Security Force told the network he was in a disguise and was caught on CCTV sitting in a wheelchair with a white beard.

Central Industrial Security Force said Jayesh Patel, 32, was wearing a disguise with a fake passport. Source: Central Industrial Security Force/ CNN

Security suspected he was in a disguise and asked him to stand but he would only do so with assistance.

But the security officer noticed while his beard and hair were white the roots were black.

He also produced a passport claiming to be Amrick Singh born in 1938.

"He was definitely not 80-years-old. His skin was of a younger person," Mr Kishore told CNN.

It turns out his real identity is Jayesh Patel, who is 32-years-old.

Why Mr Patel was in a disguise is yet to be determined.

He was handed over to immigration authorities.

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