Man dies in hospital after family's 'mistake'

A coronavirus patient has died in hospital after his family allegedly unplugged a ventilator he was on to plug in an air cooler.

The man, 40, was a patient at Maharao Bhim Singh Hospital, in India’s north, when he was visited by family on June 15, The Indian Express reports.

As it was a hot day, his family brought an air cooler but realised on visiting the man there was no power outlet available.

They allegedly unplugged a device – not realising it was actually a ventilator helping to keep their loved one alive – to plug in the cooler.

A man died after his family allegedly unplugged his ventilator for an air cooler. Source: Getty Images (file pic)

About 30 minutes later the ventilator ran out of power and staff had to perform CPR. They were unsuccessful and he died.

The man’s death is now part of a wider investigation.

Hospital Medical Superintendent Naveen Saxena told India’s IANS newswire a committee has been established to determine what happened.

“We will look into the matter and then shall explore further action for a need to go to the police,” he told IANS.

Hospital authorities allege the family also didn’t obtain permission from staff, of which about five were in attendance, to unplug the ventilator.

It’s further alleged after the man died his family members attacked staff, news site Mathrubhumi reported.

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