Man defends schoolgirl after bus passenger's 'creepy' advances

A Sydney commuter claims he was left with no choice but to speak out after a bus passenger allegedly made advances to an underage schoolgirl on a packed bus.

Christopher Moriarty was sitting at the back of the bus on Tuesday morning, believed to be travelling from Balmain to the CBD, when he claims to have heard a man in a black cap make several remarks to the girl.

Taking to Facebook, he claimed the stranger told the girl, who was sat in between the man and Mr Moriarty, she had a “nice smile” before asking how old she was.

“I’m underage,” the girl responded to the man, according to Mr Moriarty.

Mr Moriarty, who works as an actor and director, said it was at this point he felt he needed to step in.

Footage of the altercation between the man and Mr Moriarty was shared to Facebook. Source: Facebook/ Christopher Moriarty

"She's a schoolgirl, dude. You're being a creep,” he allegedly told the man.

Mr Moriarty said the man quickly became hostile and told them what the age of consent was before questioning if Mr Moriarty was the girl’s partner.

He said the man made physical threats towards him before passengers on the bus began filming the escalating altercation.

Mr Moriarty shared footage from one commuter of the man verbally attacking him.

“You said I hit on an underage woman,” the man shouts aggressively.

“You did,” Mr Moriarty hits back.

Christopher Moriarty. Source: Instagram

“How the f*** do you know how old she is?” the man responds to Mr Moriarty.

Mr Moriarty praised the way the young girl handled the situation, saying she was the “coolest cucumber throughout the whole mess.”

“What a champ,” he wrote.

He said he wanted to use his example as a reminder to bystanders to speak out if they witness similar incidents unfold.

“Guys, don’t stay silent,” he urged.

Dozens took to Facebook to praise the actions of Mr Moriarty calling him a “hero”.

“I’m so glad you did stand up. More people should,” one person wrote.

“Thank you for making a stand. It’s so scary to be in that situation, no matter the age,” another said.

Yahoo News Australia has contacted Mr Moriarty for comment on the incident.

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