Heart-stopping moment man holds toddler over crumbling cliff

This is the heart-stopping moment a father held his toddler uncomfortably close to the edge of a crumbling cliff.

Visitors to the popular English seaside spot, the Seven Sisters cliffs, watched the man hold the little boy over the 122-metre drop.

A father clutches his toddler uncomfortably close to the edge of the Seven Sisters cliffs in East Sussex, England. Source: Australscope

The steps that lead down to the beach below the iconic chalk cliffs at Birling Gap, East Sussex, were closed in October 2017.

Access was shut off years earlier than expected due to a recent increase in cliff falls.

Despite the dangers, the man headed to the cliff top, disregarding a police warning for holidaymakers to steer clear, according to The Sun.

Tourists have been known to take perilous selfies on the crumbling cliff edge of the Seven Sisters, with the photo opportunity turning fatal.

Terrified visitors to the popular English seaside spot where people have fallen over, watched the man hold the little boy above the 122-metre drop. Source: Australscope

In June 2017, South Korean student Hyewon Kim fell to her death while posing for a picture at the cliffs.

The 23-year-old reportedly asked a stranger to take a picture of her jumping in the air, but landed awkwardly and plummeted down the cliff’s edge, Yahoo UK reported.

The father’s actions came a week after a university student died falling off a cliff at a famous US hiking spot, while taking photos with classmates.

The Seven Sisters white chalk cliffs is a popular tourist spot at East Sussex, Birling Gap. Source: Getty Images, file

Andrea Norton, a 20-year-old university student, had been re-adjusting herself for a picture with friends when she plummeted 30 metres down a cliff in the Ozark-St Francis National Forest in Arkansas.

Last month, a Chinese tourist plummeted 300 metres to his death while taking photos at the Grand Canyon in the US.

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