Man cleans his car, finds $1.5 MILLION Keno ticket

Image: supplied

A NSW man found a winning Keno ticket worth almost $1.5 million while cleaning out his car last weekend.

The ticket, which had won $1,481,985.30 at a 23 June draw, was held in his car with a bunch of his other old Keno slips. He only checked the numbers Tuesday after finding it during a clean-out.

"I’ve had a successful afternoon! I had no idea whatsoever. The ticket was where I always keep them – in my car," the unnamed man told a Keno official.

"I got a bit of a shock when I just checked it now. It’s just lucky that I came in to check it!"

The regular player wished to remain anonymous, but did reveal the prize is the biggest he has ever won.

The winning ticket was purchased at Dora Creek & District Workers Club in the Lake Macquarie region of NSW, where the identity of the lucky punter is now the talk of the town.

"I just play my same numbers – birthdays and ones that came to me and I’ve just played them for a little while," said the Lake Macquarie man.

"I honestly don’t know just how I’ll use [the prize] just yet, but I’m sure it will come in very handy."

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