Man checking work emails finds out he's a millionaire

A man stumbled across the eye-watering news he had become a millionaire overnight while sifting through emails this morning.

The Melbourne man from Deer Park, west of the city, held one of three division one tickets in this week's Wednesday Lotto, and picked up a division three win 12 times, division four 15 times and division six 10 times.

In total, the man collected a whopping $1,006,436.55, but amazingly stayed at his desk to continue his work day.

"I was already at work this morning and was checking my emails, and I thought I would just log in and see," he told The Lott officials.

The Lott stock photo of a Lotto syndicate ticket.
The man learned of his overnight Lotto win as he flicked through his emails at work this morning. Source: The Lott

"I couldn’t believe it! I was tempted to just go straight home from work, but I’ve stayed."

He described the win a "big moment" and said it was "life changing".

"I’ve been playing for years but I have never won anything like this. I’ve often thought about what I’d do if I won division one, but now that I have… it’s a shock," he said.

"If I’m wise enough, this will mean an early retirement."

Man foresees sleepless night contemplating riches

The man predicted a sleepless night on Thursday as he contemplated what he would spend his newfound fortune on.

"I don’t have any celebrations planned for tonight. It will probably be a sleepless night to be honest as I think about everything I could do now that I’m a millionaire," he said.

Generic coloured lottery balls.
The man the man also won division three 12 times, division four 15 times and division six 10 times, won a total of $1,006,436.55. Source: The Lott

He bought his winning System 8 QuickPick online.

The winning numbers were 41, 9, 37, 14, 3 and 4, and the supplementary numbers were 40 and 12.

Two of the division one winners were from Victoria and one was from NSW.

There have been 159 division one winners this year. In 2020, Monday & Wednesday Lotto created 93 millionaires across Australia.

During this time, there were 101 division one winning Monday & Wednesday Lotto entries across Australia, which collectively won $100 million.

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