Man charged after road rage incident ends in alleged stabbing

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A road rage incident has led to a man being arrested and another being stabbed following an altercation in Perth.

A man, 52, was driving a Nissan Maxima south on Tonkin Highway at Wattle Grove on Monday about 4.45pm when he attempted to merge into the middle lane in front of a Ford Falcon. His lane was ending.

“It will be alleged the driver of the Ford Falcon attempted to pull ahead of the victim, despite the victim indicating that he was merging,” police said.

“It will be further alleged the driver of the Ford Falcon struck the Nissan Maxima several times before entering the gravel shoulder on the left side of the road, cutting off the Nissan Maxima and then proceeded to enter the right lane.”

A 45-year-old man kicks a Nissan Maxima on Tonkin Highway in Perth.
The Ford Falcon driver kicks the Nissan. Source: Sunrise

The pair both stopped. The 52-year-old man walked out to check the damage on his car. Police said the Falcon driver, a man aged 45, also stepped out.

Video obtained by Sunrise shows the pair coming to blows. One of them kicks the other’s car.

What’s not seen is what police said occurred next. It is alleged the Falcon driver “produced a bladed weapon” and stabbed the Nissan driver.

Two men, one next to a Nissan Maxima and the other next to a Ford Falcon, fight on the Tonkin Highway in Perth.
Police allege the Falcon driver stabbed the other man. Source: Sunrise

The Nissan driver drove off but a few hundred metres down the road realised he was “seriously injured” and sought medical assistance, police said.

Police said members of the public stopped the Falcon driver from leaving the scene.

He has been charged with reckless driving and grievous bodily harm. He was refused bail and is due to appear in the Midland Magistrates Court on Tuesday.

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