Memory card found on street depicting woman's graphic murder

A digital memory card found on the street which police say contains photos of a woman being strangled has led to a man being charged with murder.

The card was found on a street last week in Anchorage, Alaska and according to a charge document contains 39 images and 12 videos.

The videos show the woman, who hasn’t been named, being strangled, with a man’s voice in one saying “just ... die,” according to the document.

There are pictures of the woman under a blanket on a hotel luggage cart near a truck and in the truck bed, the document states.

Police found human remains along a highway earlier this month and believe they are the woman depicted in the files.

Authorities are still trying to determine her identity and manner of death.

Brian Steven Smith, 48, has been charged with murdering the woman. Police allege he recorded it. Source: AAP

Brian Steven Smith, 48, was arrested and charged with murder on Tuesday (local time).

Smith had a brief court appearance Wednesday in which he was not asked to enter a plea.

Anchorage police spokesman MJ Thim said police believe Smith recorded the events himself.

He added police believe the killing occurred in early September.

Smith lives in Anchorage but is from South Africa, Mr Thim said.

Police reviewing the footage remembered Smith, who has an accent, from another investigation and found he was registered in early September to a room at a local hotel whose carpet matched that in the footage, the document says.

They also used vehicle and phone records in their investigation.

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