Man catches wife allegedly poisoning his tea with drain cleaner

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After 10 years of marriage a man has allegedly caught his dermatologist wife trying to poison him with a powerful drain cleaner.

Police say the man, who has been named as 53-year-old Jack Chen by ABC News, raised the alarm after feeling unwell for weeks.

“The victim had fallen ill over the course of one month and became suspicious his wife was responsible for his illness,” a statement from the Irvine Police Department in California read.

The man also told officers that he’d caught his wife, Yue Yu, red handed.

“The victim captured video evidence supporting his suspicions and turned it over to police,” the statement said.

Yue Yu leaning over a table with a red bottle
Mr Chen claims footage of the family in the kitchen shows Ms Yu putting drain cleaner into his drink. Source: CBS News

In a clip released by CBS News, Ms Yu can be seen pouring from a large red bottle into a cup on the dining table.

On August 4, officers arrested the 45-year-old woman for allegedly poisoning her husband following a search warrant.

According to ABC News no charges have been filed, but jail records show Ms Yu was released on bail the day after her arrest.

Husband allegedly poisoned three times

Mr Chen, who is a local radiologist, is accusing his wife of poisoning him with Drano on three separate occasions in July.

He suspected Ms Yu of putting the drain cleaner in his tea and lemonade, ABC News reported.

Police say that he “sustained significant internal injuries” following the alleged poisoning but is expected to recover.

Ms Yu's mugshot (left) and her holding the red bottle
Ms Yu is accused of physically, mentally and emotionally abusing her husband and their two children. Source: Irvine Police Department/CBS News

The publication added that Mr Chen filed a domestic violence temporary restraining order the day after his wife’s arrest for himself and on behalf of the couple’s two children.

He claims Ms Yu was physically, mentally and emotionally abusive to them all.

Court documents also show that Mr Chen is requesting sole custody of their children.

Ms Yu’s defence attorney told ABC News his client has never tried to harm her husband or children.

He claims his client had "plumbing issues" and poured the substance into a cup so it wouldn't spill.

He believes that Mr Chen made the accusations to gain advantage in their divorce and custody cases.

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