Man catches giant cod with another fish hanging out of its mouth

A Victoria fisherman has blown his competition out of the water after landing an impressive double catch.

Seasoned angler Derek Blow, from Bendigo, reeled in a 90cm cod on Saturday at Lake Mulwala, 400km southwest of Canberra on the NSW border, during the weekend’s Mulwala fishing competition.

Remarkably, tucked away inside its mouth was another 45cm cod.

Derek Blow stunned competitors at the Mulwala fishing competition at the weekend with his impressive double catch. Source: Facebook/ Mick’s Fishing and Outdoors
Mr Blow has become the envy of the fishing world online. Source: Facebook/ Mick’s Fishing and Outdoors

Mr Blow’s amazing catch was duly rewarded, receiving extra points as both of the fish managed to swim away after the encounter.

Images of the two fish were uploaded to Facebook by Mick’s Fishing and Outdoors, prompting a series of users commenting in amazement.

“Now that’s a catch!” one user proclaimed.

“We are going to Lake Mulwala!!” another joked.