Man catches 147kg marlin while fishing alone in a tinnie

An angler has managed to haul in a 146 kilogram marlin while fishing alone in a small tin boat.

Josh Roberts, from Whangarei in New Zealand, was dropping live bait and waiting in his 4.3 metre Stabicraft last Monday.

After an hour and a half, the 25-year-old felt something bite and started the exhausting fight to get the fish into the boat.

An angler has managed to haul in a 146 kilogram marlin by himself. Photo: Facebook

“It had a lot of fight in it, so I got the fish to the boat in about half an hour then tried to pull it in but failed because it still had plenty of energy left in it,” Mr Roberts told the NZ Herald.

“It took off and did a big dance on the water so it was pretty impressive, then half an hour later I got it back to the boat again then had to put the rod down, grab the leader and pulled the fish up then managed to sink a gaff into it.”

As the fish was too big to fit in the tiny boat, Mr Roberts decided to tie it to the side and tow it back to shore.

He said he saw a few sharks hovering around and was hoping he could get the marlin in before they decided to start feeding on it as it trailed through the water.

Josh managed to get the fish back to  Marsden Cove marina where it was weighed. Photo: Facebook

But he did manage to get the fish back to Marsden Cove marina where it was weighed and photos were taken.

“Once I saw it crank up to 146kg it was just like ‘woohoo!'” he told Fairfax. “It was an epic day.”

Mr Roberts used his father’s smoker over two days to smoke the marlin to give to his colleagues.