Man calls police for help after being chased by baby squirrel

When German police received a distressed call from a man involved in a frantic pursuit, it may have crossed their minds they were falling victim to a prank.

But the man’s call to officers in Karlsruhe was in fact genuine, and he was being chased by a baby squirrel.

“Help, I am being pursued by a squirrel,” the man informed emergency services.

Police rushed to the man’s aid on Thursday morning (local time) where they discovered the adorable squirrel in search of companionship.

The tiny squirrel was in search of a companion.  Source:  Karlsruhe Police

Police said the squirrel had most likely been separated from its mother and was looking for a replacement.

“It often happens that squirrels which have lost their mothers look for a replacement and then focus their efforts on one person,” police spokeswoman Christina Krenz told The Guardian.

It’s likely the baby squirrel was separated from its mother. Source:  Karlsruhe Police

The spokeswoman said such incidents involving the “very persistent” animal can be “pretty scary”.

Karlsruhe police managed to see the funny side of the incident though and took to Twitter updating the public about the squirrel, named Karl-Friedrich.

“The squirrel has fallen asleep because of fright,” they wrote, accompanied by several photos of the rescued squirrel.

Officers confirmed the squirrel was in good health and was later handed over to an animal rescue centre.