Valentine's fail – Man's glaring mistake buying tickets to girlfriend's favourite band

A man's plan to take his girlfriend on a romantic Valentine's trip away to see her favourite band has hilariously backfired after an oversight when buying the concert tickets.

Duncan Robb, from Derbyshire, UK, couldn't believe his eyes when he found £30 ($53) tickets to his partner's musical favourite Red Hot Chili Peppers playing in Belfast on February 10.

Mr Robb decided to make a long weekend out of it with the concert falling so close to Valentine's Day and booked flights for him and his partner to Northern Ireland.

Booking error ... Duncan Robb had tried to surprise his partner Sarah with a Valentine's Day treat. Source: Facebook/ Duncan Robb

But unknowing to him, he'd accidentally bought tickets to tribute band Red Hot Chilli Pipers – a Scottish bag pipe tribute band.

Even when the tickets arrived, Mr Robb and his girlfriend Sarah failed to notice his grave error.

It was only until the Wednesday before the concert that Sarah went to look up the set list to discover her favourite band had no plans of touring the UK in February.

It was only until a week before the gig they discovered the wrong band name on the tickets. Source: Twitter/ Duncan Robb
Sarah messaged her boyfriend when she discovered his mishap. Source: Twitter/ Duncan Robb

Despite the mishap, the pair made the most of the situation and made their way over to Belfast and attended the gig on Saturday.

"Still can’t believe we’ve flown over to Belfast not for the @ChiliPeppers but to see the ‘worlds best bagpipe band’ @chillipipers," Mr Robb tweeted.

"Thought I’d got a good deal on tickets n’all. Had a nightmare."

He also shared images of his message exchange with his partner who was left in stitches when she discovered the misunderstanding.

"Hahahahaha I'm crying. Not the Red Hot Chili Peppers the band. It's a bagpipe cover band," she messaged.

The pair still flew to Belfast and went to the gig. Source: Red Hot Chilli Pipers

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