Driver 'beats himself up' over fatal crash


A man who ran up the back of a motorcycle, embedding the bike under the front of his car and killing the rider, "beats himself up" every day over the fatal crash, a court has been told.

James Culshaw was found guilty of causing the death of 44-year-old Shane Byrne in the crash on South Australia's Sturt Highway in 2014.

In sentencing submissions in the District Court on Friday, counsel for Culshaw told the court that not a day goes by when the 29-year-old doesn't think about the crash and the consequences of his actions.

"He constantly beats himself up, night and day," defence counsel Craig Caldicott said.

He also described the 29-year-old as a "battler" and said there were good reasons to suspend any jail sentence.

But Mr Byrne's de facto partner told the court that Culshaw had never shown any remorse and had taken her best friend and the father of their two children.

"I've never felt so much anger towards anyone, she said in a victim impact statement.

"Because of you I no longer have my best friend. The one person I could rely on."

Prosecutor Peter Longson said the incident may never have happened had Culshaw, who had vision problems, collected some new glasses prescribed for him before the crash.

He said Culshaw also had adequate time to see Mr Byrne's bike on the road ahead of him, a period estimated of at least nine seconds and possibly up to 18 seconds.

"What's happened here is not momentary, it's nowhere near momentary," Mr Longson said.

Culshaw was found to have been travelling at 115km/h at the time of the crash in an area of roadworks where the limit had been reduced to 40km/h

He hit Mr Byrne's Harley Davidson so hard it became embedded underneath the front of his car almost up to the bike's petrol tank.

Mr Longson said the Crown opposed the imposition of a suspended sentence but said it would be appropriate for a jail sentence to be served on home detention.

Judge Sydney Tilmouth will hand down a sentence in August.