Man avoids jail after drunken rampage in Indonesia

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An Australian man arrested for an alleged drunken rampage in Indonesia has avoided jail after reaching a settlement with an assaulted fisherman.

Bodhi Mani Risby-Jones, 23, attended a reconciliation meeting on Friday with the fisherman who was injured during the April incident and agreed to pay him compensation, the ABC reported on Friday.

The Queensland surfer had faced up to five years in jail after he was accused of emerging naked from his surf resort hotel room on the island of Simeulue, off the coast of Sumatra.

He reportedly chased and struck people in the streets of the island which is in the strongly Muslim and conservative Aceh province.

The fisherman required dozens of stitches in his leg, leaving locals outraged.

On Friday Mr Risby-Jones said in an interview broadcast on ABC TV it had taken a long time to find a peaceful resolution but it was good to finally get there.

"Staying in an Indonesian cell for a month is hard for the body and for mental (wellbeing) ... but considering everything, I think my health is doing good," he said, while handcuffed and flanked by police.

At the meeting he apologised to the fisherman and his wife and reportedly handed over brown bags full of cash as part of the settlement.

He also apologised to Indonesians, saying he was "very, very sorry for the grief I've caused".

Local authorities in Aceh said the amount agreed on was 250 million rupiah ($A25,000), the ABC reported. The fisherman's family had originally sought around $A60,000. 

Mr Risby-Jones is expected to remain in custody until authorities sign off on the deal, allowing him to return home to Australia next month.