Man attacked by wild boar on his way to work

A morning commute from hell might incorporate a mixture of unfortunate occurrences including delayed public transport, bad weather and rude passengers.

But not many could envisage the traumatic experience one man in Japan endured after he was wiped clean off his feet by a rampaging wild boar.

The boar charges at the man, wiping him clean off his feet. Source: Twitter/ Koki915N

Dramatic footage shared to Twitter earlier this week shows the rogue animal charging around the streets of Nishi Ward on Kyushu Island on October 27.

As the boar becomes enclosed in a fenced area, it rushes back to the street and rams into the 48-year-old man in a suit at about 7am as he makes his way to the local train station.

Falling to the floor, the man is then set upon by the boar which latches on to his briefcase before he manages to escape when passing motorists manage to scare off the animal with their car horns.

The man tussled with the boar until it fled after being scared off by passing motorists. Source: Twitter/ Koki915N

The man was taken to hospital after suffering a gash on his leg which required 13 stitches, Japanese news site SoraNews24 reported.

The boar was later located near the train station by local hunters who killed the animal.

Yet not all morning commutes involving animals end badly after a Queensland man was spotted riding a cow in bizarre scenes last month.