Man allegedly headbutts flight attendant after being denied alcohol

A Delta Airlines flight had to make an emergency landing after a man allegedly became violent while the plane was in the air.

The flight from Salt Lake City to Orlando landed in Oklahoma City early on Friday morning after a flight attendant was allegedly assaulted.

According to NewsOK, flight attendant Antonio Jose Brazao said the passenger, Derek Edward Maas, 28, was clearly intoxicated, but he did not appear dangerous.

Derek Edward Maas allegedly headbutted a Delta Airlines flight attendant. Source: Oklahoma County Jail

Mr Brazao instructed the flight crew not to serve him during the flight, but Maas became agitated when he was denied alcohol during drink service.

Mr Brazao let him purchase two drinks on the condition that Maas would sleep for the rest of the flight but Maas drank the two drinks and quickly demanded more.

Maas reportedly became verbally abusive toward the flight crew and then allegedly headbutted Mr Brazao.

The Delta Airlines plane had to make an emergency landing. Source: Getty/file

Maas was restrained with the help of passengers, and police took him to the Oklahoma County jail with “clear probable cause” for public intoxication. 

An officer said that on the way to the jail, Maas admitted that he had “pregamed” before the flight by drinking five shots of 90-proof whiskey.