Man allegedly faked having cancer and lied about surgery to go on holiday

A NSW south coast man accused of lying to his employer about having cancer has faced court charged with fleecing the company out of hundreds of thousands of dollars.

It is alleged the travel agent told his employer he was recovering from surgery while he actually went on a holiday.

Tony Petrovski, the former employee of Imperial China Tours, has been charged with five counts of dishonestly obtaining financial advantage by deception.

It is alleged over a seven-year period he made 82 unauthorised transactions from the company’s bank accounts, putting the money in his own.

Tony Petrovski allegedly told his boss he had cancer and went on a holiday. Source: AAP

The court was told that in total he stole $429,318.68, but his alleged deceit comes with a back story.

Police will claim the family man told his employer he had an aggressive form of cancer, taking 25 days of sick leave to have surgery.

But his boss saw pictures on his Facebook account, showing Mr Petrovski on holiday.

Tony Petrovski allegedly posted these photos on Facebook after he told his boss he was having surgery. Source: 7 News

In a text message exchange with his boss, Mr Petrovski asked: “Why would you think I didn’t have surgery?”

“You logged in you Facebook from company’s computer. Do I need say more?” The boss wrote in response.

The court heard it will be a complex fraud case with boxes of evidence to go through.

Mr Petrovski was not required to enter a plea on Wednesday and will be back in court in July.

Tony Petrovski allegedly took a holiday when he told his boss he was having surgery. Source: 7 News