Man accused of sexually assaulting girl in bathroom at dance class

A heroic father acting on instinct has rescued a seven-year-old girl from the grip of an alleged sexual predator.

The girl had gone to the bathroom during a dance class in Sydney when she was cornered and trapped.

The man who saved her was slashed with a knife, while the accused attacker remains under police guard in hospital.

“It’s a concerning and a serious matter that the police are confronted with, it is certainly not a usual investigation,” NSW Police Superintendent Julian Griffiths said.

The alleged predator snatched the little girl when she was on her way to the bathroom during her dance class on Thursday night.

Police outside a studio where the seven-year-old girl was allegedly assaulted. Source: 7 News

Police say the alleged attacker, who had walked in off the street, had forced her into the men’s toilets  where she was sexually assaulted.

The girl’s mother noticed her missing, eventually finding them in a locked cubicle.

Another parent kicked down the door, allegedly finding the stranger naked from the waist down.

Police said he lunged at the other parent with a knife, stabbing him in the stomach and slashing his neck.

The attack came to an end when the alleged predator was punched in the face.

The little girl and her rescuer were treated in hospital but are now back at home, supported by their loved ones.