Man accused of toddler's murder seeks bail

Margaret Scheikowski

A man who denies murdering and sexually assaulting his fiancee's toddler has broken down while telling a Sydney judge her death was a trampoline accident.

"I wake up every morning, knowing it was my fault that I stood her on the trampoline," he said during his bail application in the NSW Supreme Court.

The 38-year-old, who cannot be named, is charged with murdering the 11-month old girl and of having sexual intercourse with her in April 2014 in the NSW Central West.

He represented himself and appeared via AVL from jail on Monday, while his fiancee and mother were present in the court supporting his bail application.

After a committal hearing last year, the man's trial has been set down to begin in June.

He told the judge the sex charge was "manufactured" against him, saying there was evidence that her injury could have occurred when the toddler fell onto a toy.

He also repeatedly said her death had been an accident.

"I'm finding it very difficult to be in jail to be able to grieve," he added.

His bail application was based on a number of grounds including the need for him to look after his sick mother.

The crown prosecutor opposed bail, noting it had taken time to obtain expert reports.

But the judge said three years was a very long time to be in jail awaiting trial, even on a charge as serious as murder.

"Many of my colleagues would say it is an unacceptable period of time," he said.

He also noted that the crown case statement described the girl's injuries as "highly suspicious".

"It is not the firmest statement from a crown case that I have ever seen."

The judge will hand down his decision on Wednesday.