Man, 80, hospitalised after X-rated act with everyday kitchen item

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An elderly man has been hospitalised after a common kitchen item became lodged in his rectum.

The man, 80, from England, was taken to the emergency room “with sudden acute abdominal pain, distension, and confusion”, according to the case in medical journal Cureus.

Doctors noted the man had no past medical history which indicated why he was suffering.

“At this stage, we clinically suspected intestinal obstruction, perforation, or pancreatitis,” researchers wrote.

A CT scan of his abdomen was undertaken.

A CT scan and an X-ray show a ceramic pestle lodged in the rectum of an 80-year-old man.
An X-ray and a CT scan show the foreign object lodged in the rectum. Source: Cureus

“Upon doing a CT abdo-pelvis later, a pestle-like object was found in the rectum causing perforation,” researchers wrote.

“He later admitted that he fantasises putting objects into his body orifices, and had been diagnosed with polyembolokoilamania before. He initially developed the habit of inserting small objects and then proceeded to try out bigger objects with time.”

The man underwent a laparotomy and after it was removed the object was confirmed to be a ceramic pestle.

Researchers wrote polyembolokoilamania can often signify mental illness.

“Adults who insert foreign objects, and often suffer from mental illness, have residual curiosities that manifest as experimentation, attempts to rekindle past memories or relationships, or do so to increase sexual arousal which is the most common motive,” researchers wrote.

“The majority of patients present after attempting to remove the object at home but failing or when it has caused perforation. Patients frequently give vague history as it was with this case.”

Adding to the issue with treatment is people who normally take part in the act suffer embarrassment and avoid seeing medical professionals.

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