Pilot gets 13 years for 1996 Perth rape


A Malaysian airline pilot who raped a woman at knifepoint after he broke into her Perth home 21 years ago has been jailed for 13 years.

Alfred Gerard Eravelly, 50, was found guilty of five counts of aggravated sexual penetration without consent and one count each of burglary, unlawful detention and unlawful wounding after a WA District Court trial in April.

Eravelly entered the victim's Scarborough home in the early hours of March 9, 1996 by cutting through the flyscreen on the window of her en suite bathroom.

He wore a stocking over his head, tied her up and blindfolded her tightly, then repeatedly sexually assaulted her, leaving behind DNA that didn't initially yield a profile but was later re-analysed and led to his arrest.

Eravelly lived less than 2km away from the woman at the time and later that year returned to Malaysia but was arrested upon his arrival in Australia in February 2016.

It emerged during sentencing on Thursday that he committed a sexual offence against a woman in a library in Florida in 2000 when he again left behind DNA, which was matched to the sample from the 1996 attack.

He didn't realise an arrest warrant had been issued when he landed in Sydney with his wife on the way to Auckland.

Judge Philip Eaton said Eravelly remained in denial, having maintained the story he gave at trial.

He claimed his relationship with the victim was consensual, beginning when he met her at a bar and lasted about a week.

He said he was a cash-strapped aviation student and things turned nasty when he asked her for money, then threatened to tell her boyfriend about their trysts if she refused to pay.

But that version of events was roundly rejected by the jury, who unanimously found him guilty on all eight counts.

"I have no hesitation in concluding your account ... was fabricated," Judge Eaton said.

"You remain in denial and without remorse.

"You have no insight into your offending or victim empathy."

Judge Eaton noted Eravelly had lied when he told the psychiatrist who assessed him for the court he had no prior convictions, which also included a voyeurism offence in Florida in 2000.

Judge Eaton said the victim was surprised and pleased when she learnt her attacker had finally been caught but had been forced to relieve the terrifying and harrowing experience by being cross-examined during the trial.

Eravelly will be eligible for parole when he has served 11 years behind bars.