‘Making my blood boil’: Trucks slammed over ‘ridiculous’ act

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Two truck drivers have triggered the fury of people online after a video emerged of them hogging the only two lanes on a busy road.

Kristin Garland, from the US state of Florida, uploaded video on TikTok which had many viewers’ “blood boiling”.

In the video, Ms Garland and her husband are travelling on a two-lane road with a pair of Ryder hire trucks in front of them, driving side-by-side.

Two trucks block two lanes on a road in the US.
People are furious these trucks blocked the only two lanes stopping anyone from overtaking. Source: TikTok/ Kristin Garland

Travelling at similar speeds, the trucks are occupying both lanes meaning Ms Garland and another car seen stuck behind the trucks, can’t overtake them.

She urges her husband at one point to overtake on the shoulder but he decides not to.

Later, the couple drive up behind the truck in the right lane and honk the horn, but the truck won’t budge.

“Oh my God,” she says.

“I want to run them off the f****** road.”

It’s not clear how long this went on for but according to a caption, Ms Garland claims it was for at least 8km.

Viewers furious with 'ridiculous' driving

Viewers on TikTok could only sympathise with her as the truck drivers left people absolutely furious.

One man wrote he was suffering “road rage” while viewing it from his couch.

“I’m only watching a video of this and it’s making my blood boil,” another man wrote.

One woman called it “ridiculous” while another wrote the video sent her heart rate up.

“Warning. This video causes anxiety,” another commented.

One TikTok user wrote the video irritated him “like no tomorrow”.

Were the trucks intentionally blocking traffic?

The video was also shared to Reddit where viewers suggested the people driving the Ryder trucks may have done it intentionally.

“They 100 per cent did this to be jerks,” one person wrote.

Others added another indication the drivers did it on purpose is the truck didn’t move when the car behind sounded the horn.

“They know what they are doing,” another wrote.

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