What the major parties plan to do for tradies

Here's what Labor and The Coalition plan to do for tradies.

Video transcript

- Here's what the major parties plan to do for tradies. Labor has pledged to legislate secure work as part of the Fair Work Act, limit the number of consecutive fixed term contracts an employer can offer for the same role, and introduce a secure Australian jobs code that aims to create more secure work for projects using government funding. Another big issue for tradies is wage theft which labor plans to make a national crime. Labor also claims it will add thousands of tradie jobs by ensuring one in 10 workers on major government projects is an apprentice, trainee, or cadet.

Labor's plan for fee free tape aims to target the skills gap in critical workforces such as trades. Labor will set up 465,000 fee-free TAFE places for Australian students studying in industries with a skills shortage including 45,000 new places. The coalition has committed $2.8 billion in incentives to train new apprentices and trainees on top of $7.8 billion this financial year to keep apprentices and trainees in jobs throughout a COVID-19 affected economy. The completing apprenticeship commencements program which provides a 10% wage subsidy in the second year and a 5% wage subsidy in the third year. They've also committed to $2.4 billion for the Australian apprenticeships incentive system that will provide support to employers and apprentices in areas of need.

They also plan to boost regional apprentices through an additional 5% wage subsidy in their first year on top of the 10% support provided through the Australian apprenticeships incentive system. They've also committed to $22.6 million for more than 29,000 additional in-training support places for regional apprentices. The coalition has also committed $482 million to build female participation in the labor force through enhancing paid parental leave and incentives for them to take up non-traditional trade apprenticeships.

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