Major holes in NSW road funding: NRMA

Dominica Sanda

Councils across NSW are facing $2 billion worth of maintenance work to bring the state's roads up to scratch, the NRMA says.

The motoring body's Funding Local Roads report suggests about $1.5 billion needs to be spent in regional and rural NSW alone.

"We know that around 75 per cent of the trauma in our state occurs on these local (non-city) roads," NRMA regional director Fiona Simson told reporters in Sydney on Thursday.

The state's north coast is one of the most affected areas with the backlog of required works totalling more than $300 million.

Ms Simson wants the state and federal governments to fast-track funding and deliver a percentage of the fuel excise levy to local councils for roads maintenance.

Blacktown City Council has one of the largest backlogs in Sydney with $42.4 million worth of works needed to bring its roads up to a satisfactory condition, the NRMA says.

Mayor Stephen Bali wants a road audit conducted "which properly addresses how we best keep up with Sydney's rapidly growing population as it approaches eight million people".