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Major change to popular KFC item leaves Aussies reeling: 'National outrage'

KFC has responded to frustrations over a major change to its famous Zinger Box.

Fast food enthusiasts have taken to social media to vent their frustrations after noticing a major change to one of KFC's most popular menu items.

One person vows to "never dine at KFC again" after ordering the outlet's famous Zinger Box, and realising it now comes with two pieces of boneless chicken instead of three Wicked Wings.

"For those who are unaware, KFC has DEFILED their marquee menu item, the Zinger Box, by replacing the three wicked wings traditionally included in the box with two of their new boneless pieces," they wrote on Reddit on Monday.

Zinger Box on KFC menu.
Some people are shocked to learn that Wicked Wings have been replaced in the KFC Zinger Box Source: Reddit/KFC

"These boneless pieces are the crustiest, most disgusting pieces of chicken in Aussie fast food history, roughly comprising of 10% entrails and 90% batter. This is a national outrage, the culinary equivalent of spitting on the Australian flag, people!"

The popular menu item also has a zinger burger, chips, potato and gravy and a can of drink. But the poster claimed the change "has blindsided everyone", leaving hungry Aussies filled with "disappointment and disgust" when they open the beloved box and notice the glaring substitution.

"I don't understand why they mess with this stuff. Just introduce new items, then discontinue old ones," another person raged. "Don't make changes, especially when they're not an improvement," they added.

KFC reassures customers: 'Fear not'

KFC confirmed the change to Yahoo News Australia, but thankfully, fans of the original Zinger Box can still indulge in their favourite wicked treats.

"Since adding Hot & Crispy to our permanent menu, we’ve put a new spin on our Zinger Box, offering it with two pieces of Hot & Crispy instead of three Wicked Wings," a KFC spokesperson said.

"But fear not, Zinger Box fans, you can still get your hands on the classic Zinger Box with three Wicked Wings if that’s the way you s-wing," they added. "Just ask our friendly team or update in the KFC App".

KFC sign on building.
Some people are shocked to learn that Wicked Wings have been replaced in the KFC Zinger Box. Source: Reddit/KFC

Some Reddit users said they'd asked for the Wicked Wings in-store and were given three without a problem.

"There's no drama when ordering a zinger box doing the swap to wicked wings and there's options to customise it to wings in the app. You got your knickers in a knot over nothing," one person wrote.

Customers rage about Zinger Box change

The post also triggered a discussion about fast food chains in Australia, with one suggesting many have "taken a significant dip in quality" recently.

Another post on Reddit shows a customer's KFC order, but the popular Zinger Box appears to be missing the infamous burger and notably smaller pieces of chicken.

"Zinger Box — good bye KFC your dead to me," the poster raged online. "Three pieces of chicken, I got two chicken bites," they said implying staff had made a mistake.

One person corrected the poster and said "it's actually not a mistake". "They updated the zinger box to have two tenders instead of three wings," they said.

"At [the] same price?" the poster questioned. "They need to make it a new box, the menu board is wrong."

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