A Major Automotive Company Leveraged Infiniti’s Market Opportunity Analysis to Achieve Profit Growth and Service Level Improvement | Read this Success Story to Know How

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Market opportunity analysis for an automotive company (Graphic: Business Wire)

Business Challenge:

An automotive manufacturing firm, based out of Germany, witnessed a steady decline in its sales for two consecutive years. Also, they were losing ground to their competitors. Besides, the acceleration of technological innovation, evolving customer expectations, and rapidly changing market requirements made it difficult for the client to meet their customers’ needs and requirements. To take full advantage of the expected changes and capture the resulting new opportunities, they chose to partner with Infiniti Research to leverage their expertise in offering market opportunity analysis. By partnering with Infiniti Research, they also wanted to revamp their production model, manage costs, and increase efficiency.

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Our Approach:

As a part of the market opportunity analysis engagement, the experts at Infiniti Research analyzed the key market penetration success factors and the most attractive opportunities in the German automotive sector. Also, our experts evaluated the client’s financial and operational challenges. In addition to this, we prioritized and selected the best-fit opportunities and formalized technology acquisition strategy.

Business Outcome:

By partnering with Infiniti Research, the client was able to experience a significant service level improvement and profit growth. Besides, they were able to keep pace with the market trends through an in-depth understanding of the market forces and competitive landscape changes. The client was also able to improve stability, eliminate off-line repairs, and eliminate the root causes of scheduling problems. Additionally, they were able to implement a demand-pull production model and achieve service level improvement.

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