Maisie Williams Collaborates With Shoreditch Ski Club

British actress Maisie Williams has teamed up with U.K.-based eco-conscious outerwear brand Shoreditch Ski Club to create a charity-focused, exclusive jacket.

Shoreditch Ski Club creative director Wil Beedle, who recently collaborated with denim brand AGolde and launched swimwear, connected with Williams in London. At the time, the actress was shooting the upcoming Apple TV+ “The New Look,” where she will play Catherine Dior.

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While shooting, Williams told Beedle she desired a chic, versatile jacket she can wear not only to, from and on set, but for events and everyday life.

“I said, ‘Are you aware that we make coats that you can wear on the mountains and in the city? Why don’t we make one that you can wear on set, on the way to the show, for apres ski — anywhere you live your life?’ She loved it,” Beedle told WWD.

The design of the “On Set,” Mazi Coat x Maisie Williams is rooted in this idea.

Maisie Williams for Maisie Williams x Shoreditch Ski Club.
Maisie Williams for Maisie Williams x Shoreditch Ski Club.

“What we wanted to do was create something super chic, using the language of the brand already, making it more committed and more generous so that you could throw on as an extra layer on top of other clothes. So we developed a huge, beautiful cocooning volume that was made up of a ballgown satin that was remade water-repellent and lined it with an exquisite shearling,” Beedle said, adding the collaboration was an exciting creative challenge.

“We’ve done the puffer jacket you can wear on the airplane or to a party, but now it’s interesting for us to explore another type of versatility through the performance jacket on set, that looks every bit as chic at the wrap-party afterward,” he added.

The Mazi Coat x Maisie Williams, which launched Tuesday, is a cocoon-style, enveloping coat in a steel green waterproof ballgown satin shell with Spanish shearling lining and hood and recycled fiber filling.

“The jacket feels like it nailed the brief. The ethos was something that’s really practical, but really stylish and could go over the top of lots of layers. I’m going to be wearing it for my next job,” Williams said in Shoreditch Ski Club’s accompanying collaborative video.

Maisie Williams for Maisie Williams x Shoreditch Ski Club.
Maisie Williams for Maisie Williams x Shoreditch Ski Club.

All profits from sales of the coat will go to The Mazi Project, the Bristol-based youth-led charity that empowers disadvantaged 16- to 25-year-olds with food and provides supporting care for asylum seekers, those recovering from homelessness and fleeing domestic violence. The organization is one that Williams is an avid supporter of.

The Mazi Coat x Maisie Williams is available exclusively, in limited quantities, on Shoreditch Ski Club’s e-commerce site for $1,295.

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