Magnitude 7.3 quake strikes Tonga region

The government of Tonga has asked citizens to move inland after an earthquake of magnitude 7.3 struck the sea about 211km from the capital.

The earthquake was at a depth of 24.8km that struck the sea at about 211km east of southeast of Neiafu, according to the United States Geological Survey (USGS).

"Based on all available data the tsunami threat from this Earthquake has now passed," said the US Pacific Tsunami Warning Center.

There is no tsunami threat to New Zealand, the country's National Emergency Management Agency said on Twitter.

Tonga's meteorological service continued to warn residents to remain inland and on high ground.

"Please remain inland and on high ground and please listen to radio until further advised. For mariners, move away from the reefs to deep ocean," it said on its Facebook page.

The Joint Australian Tsunami Warning Centre said on Friday night that there was no tsunami threat to the Australian mainland, islands or territories.