'Magic fridge' full of cold beer found in flooded field

A devastating combination of heavy rainfall and snowmelt that led to record flooding and 75 cities declaring states of emergency has delivered a rather unlikely surprise to two mates.

Kyle Simpson and friend Gayland Stouffer spent last weekend cleaning mud from his property on the Platte River in the US state of Nebraska.

As the sun was setting, the two men were walking back to their car when Mr Stouffer spotted what looked like a refrigerator in the middle of a field.

“He says, ‘Hey, this is a refrigerator’. And he opens it up and says, ‘It’s full of beer,'” Mr Simpson told Lincoln Journal Star.

“I said, ‘Yeah, right’, and he reaches in and says, ‘It’s ice-cold.'”

Kyle Simpson (left) and Gayland Stouffer were surprised to find a fridge full of cold beer in the middle of a field after devastating floods in Nebraska. Source: Facebook/Nebraska through the lens

The two friends cracked open two beers, choosing from Busch Light and Bud Light, and enjoyed what some are calling a “silver lining” in the wake of the storm.

“It was a gift sent from the heavens, and we were happy to see it. But we hoped the people who lost the fridge were okay, we hoped their property was okay,” Mr Simpson said. 

A photo of their discovery was shared on Facebook, inspiring people to dub it a “magic fridge”.

Some even think it was divine intervention.

The pair tucked into a couple of beers but promised to reunite the fridge with its rightful owner. Source: Facebook/Nebraska through the lens

After the post was shared more than 5000 times, the fridge’s rightful owner was found.

Brian Healy saw the post on social media, and put two and two together.

The refrigerator, which is kept at Mr Healy’s family’s cabin, was filled with Bud Light – his father’s drink of choice – and Busch Light – what everyone else in the family drinks.

While the fridge, although a little weathered, survived, Mr Healy’s family lost their cabin.

Mr Simpson has promised Mr Healy he will be reunited with the refrigerator — minus the two beers.