MAGA Senate Candidate's 'Crime Map' Only Shows Drinking Fountains

Minnesota Republican Senate candidate Royce White set himself up for mega-mockery on Tuesday after making a social media post that supposedly showed serious crime in Minneapolis.

Sadly for the MAGA-supporting White (but great for people who like social media schadenfreude), the “crime map” only showed the location of Minneapolis drinking fountains, as reporter Christopher Ingraham noted in a piece for the Minnesota Reformer.

When Ingraham asked White for comment, White responded via X, fomerly Twitter, saying, “You’re a cuck. We’re leaving the plantation... You and your weird liberal buddies read it and weep.”

White seems to have accessed the drinking fountain map from a sarcastic post by X user @Nokomis_Dad, who captioned it, “Crime is absolutely out of control in this city.”

The same user quickly made another post revealing the map was just of drinking fountains.

“I didn’t expect anyone to actually believe it was a crime map,” the person who made the post told the Minnesota Reformer pseudonymously. “I can’t believe SO MANY people fell for it, especially a GOP-endorsed US Senate candidate.”

Although White later deleted the drinking fountain map and replaced it with a map of gunshots fired in the city, the original photo can be seen in the post’s edit history.

However, that didn’t stop people from mocking White, a former NBA player who told Steve Bannon last year that women have become “too mouthy.”