MAFS stars returning for new show

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We haven't seen these MAFS stars for the last time yet. Photos: Channel Nine

Some couples are still going strong post Married at First Sight, like Michael and Martha doing the long-distance thing, and Cam and Jules, who just recently celebrated a ‘real’ engagement party.

Others who went on the show looking for love weren’t so lucky, but it looks like it won’t be the last time we see some of them.

Cyrell, Melissa, Mick and Ning are set to star in a stage show called Married Still Looking for Love, but it’s all about spilling the beans.

Audiences were fascinated with the drama that unfolded on our television screens over the past months, but of course not everything makes it to the small screen.

Tickets are on sale for the show where cast members are expected to reveal what else happened when the cameras were on, and when they were off.

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The stage show tour at this stage is scheduled to take place from May 17-19, and will head to Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.

“How do they really feel about Jessika and Ines? Will Jules and Cam really live happily ever after? Most importantly of all - what comes next now the cameras have stopped rolling,” the ticket website reads.

However, rumours are also swirling that Channel Nine will put a stop to the unofficial production, after a poster for the show was shared to a MAFS fan group on social media.

Carly Bowyer from series five of the show commented that the network would “shut this down within the hour”.

Plenty of other fans have dubbed the show as “lame” or a “sad cash grab”, with VIP meet and greet packages being sold for $99.

Some have even slammed the inclusion of last year’s ‘bad boy’ Dean Wells, who is also included on the tour poster.

“Dean needs to get over it he's been milking this s*** for over a year now,” one person wrote.

So much drama

It was whirlwind of a relationship for Nic and Cyrell after they met for the first time at the altar. Their romance was overshadowed by constant arguments, and rumours about Nic rubbing Jess’ leg. Even though they left the show on relatively good terms, Cyrell has already moved on with Love Island’s Eden.

Photo: Channel Nine

Melissa and Dino’s relationship never really got out of first gear, and came to a screeching halt when Dino revealed he had eavesdropped on a private phone conversation Mel was having.

Viewers had high hopes for Ning and Mark, despite the frosty beginnings between the two.

But then the pair surprised everyone when one decided to commit and the other chose to break it off. “Ning, I came on here to find love but I haven’t found it with you,” said Mark at the final commitment ceremony.

“Just stop, this is bulls***,” was Ning’s response before she walk off.

Photo: Channel Nine

And while rumours swirled that Mark and Ning had rekindled their romance after going home together after the reunion show, it appears they have well and truly moved on from each other.

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