MAFS' Samantha calls out Al's maturity: 'We weren't on Love Island'

He’s been labelled as ‘the breakout star’ from season nine of Married At First Sight, but Al Perkins’ on-screen ‘wife’ Samantha Moitzi isn’t necessarily the biggest fan of his behaviour in the experiment.

The 25-year-old groom’s lack of maturity has been a major source of contention for the pair since they met at the altar after he performed the worm at their wedding reception, did shoeys at two separate dinner parties, and jumped in a swamp at the couples retreat.

MAFS' Samantha and Al at the commitment ceremony.
MAFS’ Samantha says ‘there’s a lot’ that viewers aren’t seeing from her relationship with Al. Photos: Channel Nine

The most recent commitment ceremony saw things come to a head when Samantha wrote ‘leave’ for the second week in a row and blasted her ‘husband’ in front of the experts.

“He acts like he tries, he doesn’t. Oh my god, the maturity. I’m sorry, but you haven’t reached out once,” she told Al, clearly frustrated with the state of their relationship.

“You are such an entitled, privileged boy and all I wanted from you is to step up and literally just have a conversation with me about my family or about my interests.”


Speaking with Yahoo Lifestyle after the explosive episode, which saw Al write ‘stay’ because he wanted to work on being friends, Samantha asserts that “there’s a lot” between the pair that fans aren’t seeing.

“I don't think someone just reacts the way I reacted for no reason,” she says, before adding with a laugh, “It was a bit of a monologue really, like, oh okay, we’re talking to myself.

“Obviously it was a lot. Al really loved the experiment, he really loved living in an apartment 20 minutes down the road and not working. I think he was just so happy to be in the experiment and I was his ticket there.

“I was just a bit upset because I’d been so honest in telling him how I was feeling and I felt like I wasn't really being heard.”

MAFS' Samantha looking upset next to Al at the commitment ceremony.
Samantha explains that she was upset with Al because she felt like she wasn’t being heard. Photo: Channel Nine

‘This isn’t a joke’

Samantha went on to open up about the major issues she experienced throughout her on-screen relationship with Al, which is currently at a standstill after they were given 24 hours to try and make things work.

“I really struggled a little bit when everyone was like, ‘Oh but he doesn’t know so give him a go, he needs to learn’,” she admits.

“But it’s like, we weren't on Love Island. We were on a show where all of the interview questions are, ‘Are you ready for this?’. Like, this isn’t a joke, this is marriage.

“And I think what I struggled with throughout this experiment was that everything was new, everything was a bit of a joke, he didn't really mind about the outcome because he was there to learn and grow. And I was like, ‘Well this isn't a journey for me, this is a destination’. It was hard.”

Despite the difficulties in their ‘marriage’, Samantha says she has no ill will towards Al or his potential career in the UK as a reality TV star after casting producers and talent management companies expressed interest in signing him post-show.

“It’s hard to process now, but at the same time I do wish him all the best,” she remarks.

“And I mean, him going over to the UK and being a party boy is probably his dream come true. He’d love it.”

MAFS' Al posing for the camera.
Al was recently photographed out and about in Sydney. Photos: Supplied/Matrix

Samantha’s comments come shortly after Yahoo Lifestyle obtained photos of Al in Sydney’s Rose Bay last week enjoying a day out with friends.

As well as holding up his hands in a love heart gesture, the cheeky groom played the ‘circle game’ with the photographer.

Married At First Sight airs at 7pm on Sunday and 7:30pm on Monday to Wednesday on Channel Nine and 9Now.

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