MAFS' Nic reveals his cancer returned on the show

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MAFS star Nic has revealed he was diagnosed with testicular cancer during filming of the show. Photo: Instagram/@nicccj

He was open about his battle with testicular cancer during his stint on Married At First Sight, but now Nic Jovanovic has revealed it returned when they were filming the show.

The Newcastle man explained to 9Honey that he was first diagnosed with cancer in 2014 and despite getting the all clear in 2015, he found another lump last December, when he was filming the reality show.

He said he was shocked when doctors told him that the ‘semi-hard lump’ on the end of his left testicle was cancer.

“You think being that young and having dealt with it once, surely that’s it,” he said.

He delayed surgery for a week so he could finish up filming his scenes with his bride, Cyrell, on the Channel Nine show.

“So [I] arrived on January 29 for surgery and, funny enough, in the waiting room my wedding episode was on repeat,” he said.

“Nurses approaching me in confusion knowing my story from watching the show… but unaware why I am back again.”

He underwent chemotherapy and was recently given the all-clear.

Nic underwent chemotherapy and was recently given the all-clear. Photo: Instagram/@nicccj
This is the second time Nic has been diagnosed with testicular cancer. Photo: Instagram/@nicccj

‘Nic was first diagnosed with cancer back in 2014, at the age of 24, after feeling an ‘unusual sensation’ in his stomach.

Despite doctors prescribing him medication, the pain didn’t go away so he was sent for an ultrasound and CT scan, which revealed a lump behind his stomach.

He was then told he had a form of testicular cancer.

Nic explained on the show how his cancer affects his fertility.

“I finally finished chemo cancer free, it was such a good feeling but there was a few side effects from the surgery,” he said.

“This is pretty full on… it’s a bit of weird sort of situation. It’s hard to say this, but when I had the surgery they severed a nerve that prevents me from ejaculating.”

“I still orgasm yeah, but nothing comes out so it sort of goes into my stomach. Um, pretty awkward, it’s something I don’t talk about, ever.”

Nic explained that he can still have kids but he would have to go through IVF with sperm he stored before he began chemotherapy.

Speaking to TV Week, Nic said he wouldn’t wish it upon anyone what he’s gone through.

“It’s exhausting. You don’t want to get it once – let alone twice,” he said.

“But there’s always somebody worse off out there. If I can help and get one person to go and get checked and save their life, then job done.”

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